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If you choose to voluntarily provide us with information, we will use this information in accordance with our Privacy Policy (included in a Customer Data Protective Directive and an Employee Data Protection Directive)

Precedence Group BV and its affiliated companies are convinced that the personal privacy of its employees, its clients, relations and visitors of the website is of vital importance. Personal data is therefore handled with the utmost care and secured, in accordance with the requirements of the law.

About us
Precedence Group BV is established in Maastricht, Aramislaan 84 and is, together with Precedence BV and Precedence GmbH responsible for data processing.

Technical information and cookies
In general our website can be visited without providing us with your personal data. Just like many other websites, this website does collect particular not-identifiable information about the users of the website, such as for example the Internet Protocol (IP)-address of your computer, the IP-address of your Internet Service Provider, date and time of access to the website, the internet address of the website that directly linked you to our website, the operating system you use, the parts of the website you visit, the pages of the website you have visited and the information you have viewed, information about the type of device you use for your visit to the site, the GEO location where you are located and the material you send or download from the website. This technical information is used to manage the website and system administrator and to improve the website and its use. This technical data may be passed to third parties and can be permanently stored for future use.

Precedence makes use of cookies and web statistics, to see how visitors use our website. This information helps us to improve the site. A cookie is a file that is stored on your computer. These cookies can be recognized during a follow-up visit to our website.

When do we collect your personal data?
We collect your data from the moment you enter your data or leave it on our website, you send an application by e-mail or regular mail or you contact us as you wish to make use of our service.

We can also collect your data if you have placed it on public sites, showing you would be interested in our service. In that case we can approach you proactively. This concerns a possible employment relationship as well as a potential customer- or supplier relationship. In case you are not interested, we can process relevant data in order to not be approached by us.

 Why do we collect your personal data?
We collect and process your data to carry out our business services and our recruitment and HR activities, including recruitment & selection, personal development and employability, payroll administration and personnel management.

More specifically, your personal data is processed:

  • To provide you with information about our services and other activities. This is done by our employees and partly automated
  • To enter into and maintain an employment relationship with you and to carry out the relevant administration for this purpose
  • To lay down an assignment with the client in a contract with the client and to maintain and fulfil the contract with the client.
  • To stimulate the personal development and employability of our employees, including training, education and testing
  • For management purposes inducing management information
  • For quality purposes including certification
  • To apply subsidies etc.
  • In case we have entered into an employee relationship, for compliance with laws and regulations, including but not limited to, identification, labor law, tax- and social security law, fraud prevention and national and international sanctions legislation.

What personal data do we collect?
We process the personal data that is necessary for our service; a part of this information is required to be able to make use of our service. Additional data may be desirable in order bo better tailor the service to your wishes and qualities or to meet more specific questions or obligations from clients. You are responsible for accuracy and relevance of the information you provide.

More specifically it concerns – amongst others – the following (documents with) personal data:

Personal data of applicants

  • Name, address, residence, e-mail address and other contact data
  • Date of birth, age, sex
  • Curriculum vitae (CV), information about education, internships and work experience
  • Data about trainings and educations and/or tests you have done
  • Other data that might be important in the assessment of the suitability of the applicant, for example references and testimonials
  • Passport photo – on a voluntary base

When you join Precedence, above mentioned data will be supplemented with:

  • Nationality, citizen service number, copy of your ID, work permit
  • Other data that is related to staff-, salary- and absenteeism registration

Personal data of business relationships

Personal data of business relationships include contact data of employees of (potential) clients, suppliers, vendors, consultants and any other authority with whom we maintain a business relationship.

Precedence processes the personal data of persons involved who work for companies with whom we do business (1) for making quotations and/or providing information about the service and other activities and (2) maintaining a business relationship and (3) concluding and maintaining a contract.

We process amongst others the following personal data of business relationships: Names, contact data and positions of contact persons.

Precedence can pass on personal data obtained from its business relationships if it is necessary to realize the objectives of the business relationship and for the benefit of mediation. This data may be passed on to other Precedence entities, to employees and business partners, and in all other cases where Precedence may be required to do so, for example by an injunction or judicial decision. Personal data may be passed on outside the Netherlands. Precedence hat taken necessary measures to ensure that all transmitted personal data is adequately protected.

Precedence exclusively lays down special personal data if it is necessary to comply with its legal obligations, insofar permission has been granted, or if it is otherwise permitted by law. ‘Special personal data’ include data about race, religion or life principles, political colour, sexual life, membership employer’s organization, criminal data and/or personal data about unlawful or objectionable behaviour.

To whom can we forward your personal data ?
Precedence can pass on your personal data to other Precedence entities, its clients and other business relationships, and in all other cases in which we are required to, for example by an injunction or a judicial decision.

The provision of personal data takes place on the basis of a legitimate interest, legal obligation and/or to execute the agreement in accordance with the objectives stated under “Why do we collect your personal data?”.

Your personal data may be passed on outside the Netherlands. Precedence has taken necessary measures to ensure transmitted personal data is adequately protected.

How long do we retain your personal data ?
The retention periods we use depend on the applicable legal retention periods.

We retain your data for up to 4 weeks after completion of the application period. If we wish to include you in our ‘Talent Pool’ we explicitly ask your permission by e-mail to store your data longer. In that case your data is retained for up to 6 months.

We retain your personal data in accordance with the legal requirements:
Max. 2 years: Reports of performance- and evaluation interviews, employment contracts, correspondence about appointment, promotion, demotion and dismissal, testimonials and administrative absenteeism data.
Max. 5 years: Income tax administration and copy of ID
Max. 7 years: Payroll

Business relationships
We retain your data as long as the business relationship requires or is desirable in the context of maintaining the business relationship. If you make use of our service, we are legally (tax) required to retain our administration for a period of 7 years.

Your rights: Inspection and/or changing data

You are always entitled to inspect and change your personal data. For this, you can contact Precedence by e-mail:

Precedence does its utmost to optimally secure your personal data against unauthorized use, by means of physical, administrative, organizational and technical measures. Example: Only authorized persons have access to data. If and insofar data is provided to data processors who execute services or assignments on its behalf, Precedence has agreed with them that they also optimally secure the personal data.

Questions, remarks, complaints or (suspected) data breach
Do you have questions, remarks or complaints about the protection of your personal data by Precedence? You can contact us by e-mail: If a data breach is suspected, we kindly request you report this immediately: or +31(0)43 85 26 839.

At all times, Precedence is entitled change or add its Privacy Statement. The most up-to-date Privacy Statement is always visible on the website of Precedence. This version was made in May 2018.

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Maastricht, 23rd May 2018, version 1.0