Process-driven business consultancy

As a process-driven business consultancy we pride ourselves in our ability to efficiently identify and remedy otherwise cumbersome and costly issues for our customers. These matters vary widely though typically require our unique insight into the following:

Transformation consulting

Gradual improvement is necessary, but not always the answer; the telephone did not come into existence by gradually improving the postcard. Sometimes, a more fundamental change  is needed, and this requires a fresh pair of eyes and hands. We help our customers to view their challenges from a different angle and develop new solutions to old problems. By creating a holistic business architecture and translating this to a tangible roadmap, we help the business transcend its old ways.

Change is our business-as-usual

Impact Analysis and Implementation

To execute this vision and strategy effectively, we need to know how big the impact will be.

What departments will be impacted? Which IT systems will be obstructed? Which products and services will be challenged? How much will this transformation cost?  Do we need to automate processes or are we automating to much?

Do these ponderings sound familiar to you too? These are the questions that keep our clients up at night – and these are the questions that we help them answer.

By utilizing our in-house methodology – GRIPP – we map the aforementioned via intuitive process designs. After this, we source the right suppliers for you, supporting your RFI and RFQ needs. After selecting the right supplier, we’re there every step of the way – giving you the guidance and security that you need to do the job right from start to finish.

“We are there every step of the way”

Change Management

What good is change, if it is not welcomed and supported by your organization? How do you ensure that big changes on strategic level result In benefits for the operation? How do you ready your business to make use of the bright new world you’re creating? These questions, and many more, are what drive our change consultants. A healthy mix of project management, people and Technical skills ensure that these “Agents of change” can help you lead your team trough the most hectic of transformations, wether your challenges lay in the field of benefits tracking, business readiness, cultural change or communications.

Our change consultants, together with you, define the benefits that your change is creating, and the end-result it will lead to. This will be converted in a transformation plan to help your organization get there, without losing sight of those goals, in True Precedence fashion: fact based, positive and all the way!

“We’ll guide you from idea to result”

What we did for our clients

A global quad-play telecom brand


  • Bi-national, 12 year collaboration
  • Implementation: sales front-ends for all consumer channels
  • Scoping & framework set-up: for replacement of BSS
  • Training of internal process analysts
  • Sourcing a flexpool of process analysts
  • Process management as-a-service.
A global financial institute
  • Multinational, 5+ year collaboration
  • Process management and Agile co-working methodology
  • Principal role in defining and maintaining BPMN convention and process taxonomy
  • Process library management
  • Consulting on process matters in mortgage, loans etc.
A worldwide technology manufacturer
  • Quickscan: process-based assessment of newly acquired business
  • AS-IS process design including red flagging exercize
  • Salesforce implementation: according to TO-BE process design.
A global telecom brand
  • Principal process architecture role
  • Support: process-driven merger and acquisition
  • Implementation: new business process modelling tool & governance
A global automotive supplier
  • RFI/RFQ and supplier selection process for a global Product Information Management System (PIMS)
  • AS-IS and TO-BE (Model for Design) for global processes
  • Implementation and rollout of PIMS in Europe & North-America
  • Project Management: from conception to completion in global competence center
Multinational pharmaceutical company
  • Principal process architecture role
  • Implementation: GDPR (EU privacy law)
  • Management: Global process repository
A large national telecom provider
  • Design & Implementation: a fiber roll-out strategy during a legal and technical split of service and network operations
  • Management: process repository
A large national low-cost airline
  • Quickscan: process-based assessment of newly acquired business
  • Consulting on process matters in organizational transformation
  • Support: process-driven merger and acquisition
A global manufacturer of automotive equipment
  • Implementation: Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tool
  • Testing and training on processes
  • Principal process architecture role

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Together, we live and let live

We share conquest and success. We don't work our way up by pushing others down, we don't fight about who dropped the match; we put out the fire. Together.

Together, we live and let live

We share conquest and success.