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We’re passionate, we’re open-minded, and we’re straightforward; because we love what we do. Sounds like you? Then have a look at our opportunities or read more about our culture!


We believe in what we do

We’re passionate, we’re open-minded, and we’re straightforward; because we love what we do. And, we love it because we believe in it.

We know and trust that the ingredients of our secret sauce are what set us apart from other firms. For example, by utilizing our distinctive in-house methodology – GRIPP – we can easily identify the source of your problems and propose solutions for them.

And, since we’re empowered by our colleagues and highly integrated support structure- we’re comfortable with our stakeholders as well.

As such, we’ve little problem telling them like it is.

In turn, project sponsors are eager to let us focus our energy on getting the job done efficiently and effectively. Navigating unique-to-client office dynamics, managing c-suite expectations, and keeping vendors in line are just some of the added benefits of our nifty approach.

In this way, we’re honest. Not only to you, our customer, but to our colleagues and to ourselves.

“We have little problem telling it like it is”

We always deliver

We’ve been referred to as the Navy Seals of Business Consulting because we’re known for deploying highly-specialized task forces (business units) that quickly adapt to the given situation, thoroughly assesses it, identify, and solve for its problems.

And we do this successfully time and time again, because we’re all in, all the time.

Whether you’re leading a team in a large organization, rolling out a global software solution, restructuring, or training up an enterprise for a new way of working, it’s got to be all or nothing. Mediocrity and moderation won’t enable your team to reach your end goal. But, if you give everything you do everything you’ve got, the job will be done.

And so, we bring this attitude with us wherever we go, and to whomever we serve.

What we promise – we deliver. There is no compromise on quality. Prepare to be surprised and delighted because we wouldn’t want it any other way. We’re all-in, all the time.

Are you?

“We don’t compromise on quality”

We leave no man behind

Due to our constant deployment of highly-specialized units, we’re a close-knit bunch. We’ve been through project-implementation hell and back. And we’ve got a taste for it.

As such, we’ve got each other’s backs – client, c-suite management, and colleague alike. We’re not afraid to ask help, and we don’t hesitate to provide it. Because we need to rely on each other in the best interests of the team and the challenge at hand.

In this way, our clients and key stakeholders get a taste for what it takes and are empowered to inspire their teams and keep their vision alive throughout. Working together in this manner is what we love most about what we do. And despite our differences, we’re in it together ‘till the end.

We don’t create fanciful reports and leave you waiting for a solution. We assess, identify, and solve: guiding you and your team through thick and thin – until the finish line.

“We’ve got each other’s backs”

We Work Hard and Play Hard

We don’t like our job; we love it! Because, we work smart.

We’ve spent a lot of time at the office, so we’ve made it as much fun as we can. And when it’s time to wind down, we make sure our own are well taken care of: dinners out, Borrels, and Precedence on-Tour to name a few anticipated engagements.

On the day-to-day basis, between such events, we’ve developed an office aesthetic and culture that’s welcoming, not off-putting.

Imagine a place where creativity is fuelled – not hindered. Where working smart – not hard – is valued most.

At the end of the day, we know that when our colleagues are vested, autonomous, and free from the antiquated constraints of the regular 9-5 shtick – they’re more likely to come up with the next great idea.

We’ve got a consistent, knowledge-sharing system in place, high-value tools to make daily work more efficient, and we foster an engaging office environment that plays host to our teams during and between their deployments as-needed.

Simply put, Precedence is about freedom. And, freedom is about claiming ownership of your professional and personal life. You set the dot on the horizon; we work towards it together – giving our team members the atmosphere, people, and mechanisms to thrive. It’s no different when it comes to our client relations either.

“We make sure our own are well taken care of”

Together, We Live and let Live

We share conquest and success together. We don’t work our way up by pushing others down, we don’t fight about who dropped the match; we put out the fire. Together.

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